1. Main Screen
    Main Screen of the Paid Upgrade Edition
    We will explore the features of Chrysanth Cheque Writer by using the screen of the Paid Upgrade Edition as shown above.

  2. Set up Bank Account
    On the main screen, you may choose your Bank Account from the drop down list (or Bank, if you are using the Free Edition). If you are using the Paid Upgrade for the first time, you will need to add new Bank Accounts first by clicking at the ... button next to the drop down list (or access File->Account). A new Select Account window as below will be displayed:

    Select Account Window

    Just click at the New button on this window, and a Bank Account window will be displayed:

    Set up Bank Account

    Enter your bank account details here. In case you need to make Printer Adjustment for this particular bank account, you may also enter the adjustment settings here (For the Free Edition, you can set up Printer Adjustment via Tools->Options->Printer Adjustment, which will apply to ALL banks).

    When you are done with your bank account setup, you may return to the main screen for cheque printing.

  3. Save and Print Cheque
    After that, you will continue to fill in the details of your cheque. You may also decide if you want to print the Date, Payee or Amount by checking the option next to these items.

    You may have noticed that there is also a Wording button with "English" selected. This is to allow you to enter non-English amount in word, such as Arabic or others manually. If you would like to print amount in word in English automatically, always choose the "English" option.

    When you are happy with the cheque details, you may either:
    • save and print the cheque instantly by clicking at the Print button at the bottom of the main screen, OR
    • save without printing by clicking at the Save before printing button, OR
    • print without saving the cheque details by unchecking the option before the Save before printing button

  4. Printing Cheques in Bulk
    In case you need to print many cheques regularly, you may go for bulk printing instead of printing cheques one by one. To prepare for bulk printing, you will need to save your cheque details first either by:

    Once your cheque details are ready, you may access File->Cheque Transaction History as shown below:

    Search, edit and print cheque transaction history

    In this window, you may filter the cheques that you want to print. In the list of cheques shown, you may place a check next to the cheques that you want to print in one go and click Print.

  5. Bank Reconciliation
    You may also perform bank reconciliation by accessing File->Cash Flow / Bank Reconciliation as shown below:

    Keep track of all bank transactions via bank reconciliation

    In the Cash Flow / Bank Reconciliation window, you will be able to view the bank transactions in selected period. If there are some interests or charges incurred on your bank account, you may also record them by clicking at the Add Deposit / Withdrawal button. You may also enter your account's opening balance in the same way.

    Add deposit or withdrawal

    Additionally, in the same Cash Flow / Bank Reconciliation window, you will also be able to view the account balances:
    • Balance: this represents the ACTUAL balance in your account
    • Available: this represents the balance that you are safe to use, after deducting all COMMITTED but not yet cleared cheque amounts. When you set a cheque as Cleared, your account Balance will be deducted automatically.
    • Committed: this represents the total amount of cheque transactions that you have issued but not yet cleared by the bank

    Monitor cash flow easily before writing new cheques

  6. Printer Compatibility Issues
    While not every printer is 100% compatible with the printer that I use for the development of this program, most likely you will still be able to use my free check printing software by following the suggestions below:

    1. Try to print on an A4 paper, does it print the content properly?

    2. If you can see the printed text on an A4 paper, then you may try to insert a used cheque, or a blank paper which is cut to the size of your cheque to test if it prints properly? If it does not print anything at all on your cheque, then it is very likely that your printer does not support printing on custom paper size as small as your cheque. Try Tools->Options...->Printer Adjustment->Printable Cheque Width Extension explained below.

    3. If the printing is not 100% satisfactory:

      • If all content is printed, but the alignment is out, then access Tools->Options...->Printer Adjustment->Shift Printed Text, and try different shifting patterns and values to get the best result. However, if some portion of the content is always out of alignment regardless of how you adjust, then it is very likely that the cheque design has already changed, and you will have to contact me to update the cheque support.

      • If the printed content is at the middle of the A4 paper, then you may need to access Tools->Options...->Printer Adjustment->Shift Printed Text and set a relatively large shifting in order to print on your cheques.

      • If the last one or two digits of Date is missing, then access Tools->Options...->Printer Adjustment->Printable Cheque Width Extension, and start with a lower value until you see all content printed.

      • If nothing is printed on the cheque at all, then you may need to access Tools->Options...->Printer, and change the Cheque Orientation. If this does not yield desired result, then you may need to try out Tools->Options...->Printer Adjustment->Shift Printed Text or Tools->Options...->Printer Adjustment->Printable Cheque Width Extension or the combination of them to see if it works. In the meantime, some users feedback that by changing to a different printer driver or changing to 32-bit printer driver on their 64-bit Windows do the trick too.

    4. (Experimental) If you still could not get a proper result, you may try out the experimental feature Tools->Options...->Printer->Printable Location (Experimental). Change the Mode to Advanced, then depending on the position of your Printer Edge Guides, you may select the option accordingly. If this works for you, please let me know so that I could make this a permanent feature.

    Note: For Paid Upgrade Edition, you may either access File->Account->Edit->Printer Adjustment to adjust the alignment for individual bank account, or you may access Tools->Options...->Printer Adjustment if you would like the adjustment to apply to all bank accounts. Additionally, account-based adjustment will always override global adjustment.

    If you do have good luck (or even don't have any luck at all) at the end of the day, you are always welcomed to share your printer info with other users here: Supported Printer Model for Cheque Writer