Chrysanth Cheque Writer supports import of cheque transactions from text file, which would be extremely convenient if you need to print large number of cheques. The process for the import is a breeze if you follow the instructions correctly:

  1. Click here to download the Excel template to prepare your cheque transaction data.
  2. Go through the comments in the Excel template, which describe how the data should be entered.
  3. Fields with yellow highlight like CrossingOption and Place are only supported for certain editions. If these fields are not supported by your edition, you may simply ignore them by leaving the field empty.
  4. Enter your cheque transaction data into the downloaded Excel template.
  5. When you are done with your data entry in the Excel template, click File->Save As, then choose "UTF-16 Unicode Text (.txt)" Format.
  6. When your data file is ready, you may run Chrysanth Cheque Writer, then click File->Transaction to show the Cheque Transaction History window.
  7. In the Cheque Transaction History window, click File->Import Cheque Transaction to show the Import Cheque Transaction window.
    Import Cheque Transaction
  8. In the Import Cheque Transaction window, click at the ... button to locate the data file that you just prepared.
  9. Finally, click at the Import button to start importing from your data file.
  10. As the data file is being processed, the import result will be displayed in the result area. If there is any error, the record number together with the error details will be displayed in the result area. You may then examine the result and correct your data file accordingly.